Leif Hetland, Global Mission Awareness

"Some people lead worship and others are worshipers. John Gabriel Arends is a worshiper with a sound of heaven that is changing earth. I've had the joy of doing several conferences where John has brought the manifest presence by loving on God in such a way that it was easy to enter into the Spirit realm. I highly recommend the gift that John Arends carries for the Body of Christ and His Kingdom."


Shampa Rice

"This is one of my white sons.....John Arends a precious young man who God has raised up in such phenomenal way. Its incredible to watch this young man flourish and prosper in making His presence known through out the world. He is a young husband a young father yet wholeheartedly a worshipper leading all to go see the King! We are blown away as we watch him grow in Christ love and sing of it too so brilliantly. Lets all come together and be the wind beneath his wings.....we shall see the Lord soaring throughout the Nations through this son of mine who I am so proud of."


Steve Schultz, The ElijahList

"We are constantly looking for quality new resources for our online store that we feel will help and bless our subscribers and customers. Enjoy the wonderful sounds of Christmas... These selections are sure to become your "Christmas Classics!" Christmas is my favorite time of the year... and many of you may remember that I LOVE Christmas music ALL year long. My personal prayer is that you will enjoy the musical depiction of this beautiful, varied vortex of praise to our God."


Danny Steyne, The Mountain and Mountain of Worship

"I have caught up in the Presence of the Lord for past hour...overwhelmed...sitting here on a flight going home and realizing I am home as I am enraptured by worshipping Him. Truly a remarkable project. I wouldn't know which song would be my favorite...from the precious 'Sweet Nothings' which has me weeping as I write this...to the passionate 'Let the fire fall' which is quickly becoming a favorite at MOW events around the world...to the starting point that pulls you into His Presence and cries NOW IS THE TIME through the cry of the Lord of the Harvest in 'Here I am Revival Song'. All the songs carry a fresh sound...a sound for those who are rising throughout the earth as the greatest Harvest is offerred to them! Simply brillant. One of the most anointed 'studio' recordings I have ever heard! I can only compare the anointing level to some of the best loved worship albums I have in my collection. The early Delirious albums...Brian Doerksen...David Ruis...Daphne Rademaker... Rita springer... and Kevin Prosch - but so much more NOW in the sounds you released. It reveals not only the One you love...but it reveals Him to a generation ready to enter His Presence! Only one slight issue I have with the album...I missed being in the studio when when He was there with you recording it!


"I have had the priviledge of knowing John for several years nows. I watched him emerge as one of the most anointed powerful worship leaders and song writers I have known. Recently we went to Australia together (and are planning some other trips together too!) where worship exploded and the Presence of the Lord was very much revealed. I would like to commend all of his worship albums to you... and during the Christmas Season... particularly 'Little Strummer Boy' and 'Heaven Is Opened' (both contain mixes with Surpressa Sithole (Surprise) in the songs... it's amazing!)"


Aimee Herd, Program & Music Director, ElijahStreams iRadio

"From the moment I heard the music of John Gabriel Arends, I knew there was something very special there.  Strong, catchy melodies paired with deep and meaningful lyrics, communicate a heart of worship and awe of the Lord that is unmistakable.  I’m not surprised; our listeners seem to feel the same way.  Since we began playing ‘Let Fire Fall’ and then the Christmas CD, ‘Little Strummer Boy’ last year, John Gabriel Arends has quickly become one of the favorite artists on our station."


Ian Andrews, Citadel Ministries

"I can commend to you John Arends worship music. I have spoken at his Father's church where John is the worship leader and John really brings the presence of the Lord by his contemporary style of worship music. John is in my opinion one of the many younger christian musicians that God is using this day to usher in a new Day of the Lord."


Denny Cline, Senior Pastor of Jesus Pursuit Church

"I love the fire and passion of John Arends. His songs are filled with hope and passion for victorious church."


Tracee Anne Loosle, Intrepid Heart Ministry and Global Awakening

"I do love your cd....How exciting! I for sure want to order some for Christmas gifts! I'm listening to it now! I pray abundant blessings!"