Thank you so much for your interest in John Gabriel Arends and his music. It is John's desire to bless as many people as possible through the gifts and talents God has given him. He spends most of his time serving people through his home church, The River, which is actively transforming people's lives in Montana and many nations around the world. John also frequently travels to play music in other cities, as well as overseas.

If you would like to book John to play at your event or venue, you may contact him directly. He is grateful for every invitation. No event is too big or too small.


Frequently Asked Questions

- How much does it cost to bring John to an event?

John does not have any set "fee" for playing at an event, but since this is how John makes a living for his family, we ask that you be prepared to cover the following expenses:

(1) Travel to and from the event. If the event is within a reasonable driving distance, that would be to cover fuel. If the event is farther away, then tickets for airfare would need to be covered. (John is experienced in air travel and would prefer to book the tickets himself if possible.)

(2) Transportation of musical gear. John travels with several pieces of gear with heavy, protective cases, and the airlines often charge for additional baggage.

(3) Stayover Accommodations. It is appreciated if a hotel or housing is arranged. In addition, meals for the duration of the stay. (John tries to maintain his health on the road, so please do not plan on 4 days of pizza and donuts.)

In addition to these things, many venues would give an honorarium to bless John and enable him to keep going and blessing other people with his music.

- Does John bring his band?

John does not travel with a fulltime band. Additional band members may be negotiated for each event, subject to availability. John loves to join with other musicians and worship teams to help train them. If you would like John to lead at an event with your band, that can be arranged. In the event that your band is not willing to be teachable or are not able to learn the songs in time for your event, John may choose at his discretion to play and sing solo.